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To: Professional Family and Consumer Sciences Teachers
The enclosed information and application are for YOU!

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To:  Professional Family and Consumer Sciences Teachers


       Your state professional organization, the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences/Connecticut Affiliate, is seeking to recognize a teacher who has developed an outstanding program in our profession.  State awardees will compete for national Teacher of the Year, sponsored by the Elementary, Secondary, and Adult Education (ESAE) Section of AAFCS and Glencoe/McGraw Hill Publishing Company or GoodheartWillcox Publishing Company.

            The objective of the annual Teacher of the Year Program is to stimulate the development of state of the art programs that are both timely and newsworthy as well as to expand the focus of family and consumer sciences. Each nominated program should be in one of the following main areas:

  1. Alternative / Creative Programs
  2. Consumer Education
  3. Personal & Family Finance
  4. Early Childhood Education
  5. Family Studies
  6. Food Production & Services
  7. Nutrition & Wellness
  8. Housing & Interior Design
  9. Textiles & Apparel


            All current members of the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, who teach in grades K-12, are eligible and are, invited to apply for this award.  You may submit your own program or you may nominate another teacher’s outstanding program.

            Please read the following program areas (following page) to become familiar with the numerous possibilities for eligible outstanding program awards.  Yours could be selected as the AAFCS Teacher of the Year.

            But…first you must apply!

All applications must be postmarked by March 15th 


Selection is according to the AAFCS Guidelines.  For help or information please call Sue Murphy at 860.798.2235 The winner will be honored at the Spring Meeting.  All entries should be sent to:

TOY & POY Contact:   Sue Murphy - 37 River Street, Old Saybrook, CT   06475

Student Scholarship & Member Professional Development Awards Contact:  Anne Cremé - 8 Wood Fern Way, Andover, CT   06232




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